SBB Intro

Super Barley Bros! (Brothers) is a video podcast consisting of four 30-somethings fathers discussing video games, craft beer, TV, movies, and anything else that we enjoy.
Each of us upload game play videos from the PC, Xbox, Playstation, and/or Wii U.
From time to time, we will also do reviews on games and movies. With all four working and raising a family, gaming and craft beer is a small part of our lives; however, we are all very passionate about both topics and love to discuss.

Scott & John have been life-long friends. Jerry & Ian went to college together studying Audio Engineering. Jerry married into John’s family. Through gatherings, all four of us became good friends.

SBB - Ian

Name: Ian
Age: 35
Gaming History: I have owned many consoles in my lifetime, starting with the Atari 2600, living in a house divided during the great console war of the 80’s-90’s. Only missing out on a few of the consoles released since, but currently I concentrate on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Nintendo 3DS.
Go to console: XBox One – Kind of turned into a fanboy in the last gen due to the cost of trying to live on my own and staying on top of the newest games. That and HALO!
fiendFavorite game or game series: Halo, This happens to be one of those games that i have a lot of fond memories around. Kind of like Goldeneye on the N64, in fact most of us in the SBB forged our gaming friendship with four player split screen.
Favorite Brewery: Unibrew
Favorite type of beer: I am open to many brews, but I mainly like Hefeweizens and Belgians.
Family: 1 kido, boy age 7.
Hobbies: Other than games and beer …. well i guess Anime, Manga, Comics, Movies. I like all sorts of stuff, mostly foreign films like Anime and Kung Fu films.
Twitter: @Fiend75002 Twitch: Fiend75002 UnTappd: Fiend75002

SBB - Jerry

Name: Jerry
Age: 31
Gaming History: Raised without a console, I played at friends’ houses on occasion. First owned console was the PS2, and then shortly there after the first XBox. I currently own the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, and PC.
Go to console: PC. Thanks to a USB gamepad and Steam, PC is my main console. Thanks to a recent upgrade, I am able to run more recent games.
jdshepFavorite game or game series: It is hard to choose just one, but if I had to, Assassin’s Creed franchise. Since the first game I was hooked. It has great graphics, incredible story, good action, and plenty of game play and replay-ability. I have also read some of the novel adaptations.
Favorite Brewery: Rahr & Sons
Favorite type of beer: Red (year round), Oktoberfest (seasonal)
Family: Married for over 9 years with a nearly 2 year old son, another child on the way, and 2 cats.
Hobbies: Outside of the 8-5 and returning to college, there is not a lot of free time. If I can, of course gaming, working on the site and video editing. Watching movies with the wife, and most importantly playing with my son. By that, I am a jungle gym.
@JD_Shep Twitch: JD_Shep UnTappd: JD_Shep

SBB - John

Name: John
Age: 32
Gaming History: Started with an intelivision, upgrade to a Sega genesis & added CD, then the N64, GameCube, Xbox Prime, Xbox 360, PS2 & PS3 and thru it all… my trusty PC.
Go to console: PC – Due to its massive customization platform and cost of ownership. (#PCMasterRace)
ph03nixFavorite game or game series: DOOM – it’s where it all started.
Favorite Brewery: Local – Franconia or Lakewood; Out of state – Stone
Favorite type of beer: Stouts and Belgians
Family: Married 8 years, been dating since 1995. (You do the math), 1 son (4yr) with a newborn daughter.
Hobbies: Homebrewing, PC tinkering, self educating, photography.
Twitter: @Ph03nix42 Twitch: Ph03nix42 UnTappd: Ph03nix42

SBB - ScottName: Scott
Age: 32
Gaming History: dates back to the Atari 2600 and grew up with the Nintendo family.  My first non-Nintendo console was the PS2, and I have owned all of Sony’s consoles since. I have also owned an Xbox and Xbox 360, but I am still hesitant on the Xbox One until something catches my eye. I currently play on the Playstation 4, Wii U, and PC.
Go to console: If I am alone the PS4 because I have a lot of games I still need to finish.  When I am with my son who is 6 years old we play on the PS4, but mainly the Wii U.
fl1pFavorite game or game series: <unknown>
Favorite Brewery: Lakewood Brewery
Favorite type of beer: Imperial Stouts
Family. Married in 2005, been together with my wife since 1999.  We have a 6 year old son(Brendan), and a two month old son(Logan).
Hobbies: If I am not playing video games or working, I watch some TV but not a lot.
Twitter:  @Fl1p42 Twitch: Fl1p42 UnTappd: Fl1p42