ICYMI for December 13

In Case You Missed It

Well, well, newshounds, looks like it’s another Saturday edition of ICYMI. The gang is out at a local brewery today, sampling a limited brew, while I’m back at HQ. It’s all good, I’ve got the Arsenal game on.

I Got It on eBay

It seems Sony, who took great care to carefully reveal where fans could get their hands on a 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 system, is a bit peeved that these systems are winding up on eBay, where they are selling for way more than the original $500 asking price. The consoles went on sale at last week’s PlayStation Experience, where they sold out after only a few minutes.

Does Whatever a Spider Can

Rumor has it that Marvel and Sony are kicking around the idea of bringing the Web-Slinger to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the House that Stan Lee Built would like a fresh start with the iconic character…which means Andrew Garfield would be out. There wouldn’t also be that Aunt-May-is-a-spy-back-in-the-day side project.

You May Now Kiss the Level 45 White Mage

Final Fantasy XIV fans rejoice! You can now get hitched. Patch 2.45 introduces the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding, with three varieties. The standard marriage tier offers special clothing, hairstyles and eternity rings, while the paid tiers offer more cutscenes, customizable chapels, and more. So what are you waiting for? Download the patch, then head to the Mog Station to book your dream JRPG wedding.

Deck the Halls with Hops and Barley

Tampa, FL-based bin52 by cindymadewhat has an idea for what should go on that bare spot on your Christmas tree. The shop, which sells jewelry made with the ingredients used to make beer, now offers tree ornaments that come in singles or packs of 4 and feature various designs.

‘Tis the Season to Game the System

Steam’s Holiday event, an auction where players bid on games using a special virtual currency, had a bit of the Humbug this week when it was taken offline. An exploit allowed bidders to amass lots of “gems” with very little effort quickly. The good news is that the exploit has been fixed and the auction is now live again.

Don We Now Our Backstage Passes

Founders Brewing Company is bringing back Blushing Monk early next year. The Belgian raspberry ale is the oldest but newest addition to the brewery’s Backstage Series, which showcases the brewery’s forward-thinking beers. You can look for Blushing Monk at Founder’s taproom starting in late February 2015, with bottle releases following a week later.

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