ICYMI for September 26

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Welcome back, newshounds. Yes, the rumors are true, I did guest star on the latest episode of the Super Barley Bros. podcast. Part 1 is up now and part 2 will be up shortly. Anyway, let’s get to this week’s news, shall we?

A Mother Funkin’ Road Trip

Samuel Adams, the biggest little brewery, is hitting the road with their Kosmic Mother Funk Grand Cru. The tour will travel to 12 cities and will end in a 13th city to be chosen by fans. Hit up the link to learn when Sam Adams will be rolling into your neighborhood and also to vote on which city should be the tour’s final stop.

The National Videogame Museum is Born

Not far from Super Barley Bros. headquarters is the not-so little city of Frisco, Texas, a city that recently approved the creation of the National Videogame Museum. The museum, consisting of the Videogame History Museum’s collection, will be housed in the Discovery Center while a larger facility is constructed. The museum will embark on a fundraising campaign in April.

Crescent Bay is Unveiled

Over the weekend, Oculus revealed a new prototype of its VR headset. Codenamed Crescent Bay, the latest headgear features a higher resolution, improved 360-degree tracking, a faster refresh rate, and more. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Well, it’s still a ways off from public consumption says CEO Brendan Iribe.

The Fall of a Titan

Remember Titan? It was that MMO Blizzard was developing that was never announced but everyone knew about. Anyways, Blizzard has decided to cancel the project. The company felt the game wasn’t firing on all cylinders and rather than release something half-hearted, the World of Warcraft developer would rather concentrate on supporting its already successful franchises.

Get a Kick Out of This

There’s no argument one of Kickstarter’s shortcomings is that some projects aren’t completed…or that a creator can just disappear with the money. But the popular crowdfunding platform is doing something about it. Updated policies will force creators to complete their projects or make an effort at returning raised funds. Otherwise, backers may be able to take the creator to court. The new terms take effect October 19.

Back to the Grind

Destiny players were overjoyed to find a cave with an endless stream of baddies to shoot and tons of loot to scoop up. Well Guardians, the ride has come to an end. Bungie has released a hot fix for their first-person MMO that prevents wave after wave from issuing forth from the mouth of the cave. The hotfix also tweaks respawning and changes what you’ll receive from dismantling a piece of Queen’s Wrath gear.

Games with Gold for October

We’re approaching the end of one month and the beginning of the next, so it’s time to check in with Microsoft to see what’s on tap for the Games with Gold program. Here are the titles:

Xbox One

Xbox 360
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Darksiders II

Note: at press time, Sony had yet to announce the slate of free games for PS Plus. Sorry, fl1p.

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