LBC 2nd Anniversary Party – The Review

So Sunday August 3rd 2014 saw the arrival of the 2nd Anniversary Party for Lakewood Brewing Co at Goodfriend Burgers in Dallas. This also say the joining of over 500 of LBC’s closest friends and supporters.

Early Sunday morning myself and Fl1p42 (Scott) arose and joined forces in a trek to the east side of Dallas to Goodfriend Burgers for the 2nd Anniversary party and release of Lion’s Share II, a Berliner Weisse aged with black currants. This beer was amazing, refreshing and something that needs to be bottled on the regular.


Scott and I arrived at Goodfriend ~1045a and met with a mutual friend of the group, Quintin, for this epic event. Lines were queuing up, people were getting anxious and the buzz was growing. Doors to the joint opened a couple minutes before 11 to allow the onslaught of people to enter the bar. Enter a dark bar atmosphere and the horde of people and noise erupts. We make our way to the far side of the bar and begin the process of requesting drinks.


We get our first pour, each gets the Lion Share II, and we step away from the bar with a tab open to make life easier. We see the line growing around the merch table which we quickly realize contains the limited edition glassware. We make our way over and get in line to make our purchases. Minimum purchase of 2 glasses/transaction. Glasses purchased we make our way back to the bar for our 2nd beers.


2nd beers purchased we make our way outside for a peek at the tent and its wares. We find the t-shirts that are being custom screenprinted and I order 2 shirts. (20% of the price went to charity and this group loves to support charity) Shirts in hand we wander a bit more and meet with others and give a HUGE thank you to WIM and his team from LBC.


Truly an event to not be missed. While we didn’t have the time/energy to partake in the entire event (Ran from 11a-11p) we departed ~2p and headed back for a bit of recovery time with family.


Till our next adventure.



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