Video Game Review: Dante’s Inferno

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Dantes-Inferno-Ntsc-Front-Cover-31203Developer(s): Visceral Games, Artificial Mind and Movement

Publisher(s): Electronic Arts

Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, PC

Genre(s): 3rd person Hack and slash, action-adventure

Game Mode(s): Single-player, multi-player

Release Date: February 4, 2010

ESRB Rating: M – Mature


JD Shep’s Game Fly Rental Review Summer Extravaganza #10 was originally posted as a Facebook note on 08/19/2010. There were minor changes were made to the content and format.

Tenth on the list from Game Fly was “Dante’s Inferno” for the Xbox 360. *Warning…Spoilers*

Dante’s Inferno” is single-player 3rd person action game. I played through on the Easy difficulty with the Holy upgrades, and it took me a little over six hours to complete that.

My Personal Stats:
I unlocked 28 of 54 achievements for 640 points out of 1290 points.

Quick Synopsis:
Dante’s Inferno” pushes the limits of the ‘Mature’ ESRB rating with the nudity and gore. So this game is not for the kiddos. This game is an adaptation of Dante’s Inferno the poem, also known as the Divine Comedy.

Dante is a crusader who takes his job a little over board as you find out through the flashback cut scenes. The Bishop has promised all that their sins will be absolved, and I believe Dante takes advantage of that statement. You go through the first level on the Earth’s surface and then ‘die’. The Grim Reaper comes to collect and Dante decides that he is not going down to Hell without a fight, so you kick his butt and steal his multi-functional scythe.

dante-s-infernoAfter the Crusade, Dante comes home only to find his father and his wife, Beatrice dead. Beatrice apparently made a deal with Lucifer and when Dante discovered her body her soul came out and Lucifer took her. And so begins your pilgrimage to get back Beatrice. You are now armed with a cross that belonged to Beatrice.

You travel through the nine circles of hell, Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Avarice and Prodigality, Wrath and Sullenness, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, and Betrayal, to get to Treachery. Lust and Gluttony being the most grotesque and visually depicting of the sins themselves. You are guided by a spirit figure named Virgil. He speaks in old English telling you what you are about to encounter. I do not speak old English, or new English, too well so I became confused. Shocker, huh?

dante-s-inferno-2You also become armed with magic, and you upgrade your cross (Holy) or scythe (Unholy) by collecting souls and punishing or absolving the damned. You collect different relics to upgrade your character or weapons. Throughout the game you have Quick Time Events and puzzles to solve. I will be honest, some of the puzzles I had to go out to YouTube to figure out.

Eventually Beatrice becomes the Queen of Hell because she thought Dante would be faithful and made a deal with the devil based on that misplaced faith. Well good thing is that you are able to free her and she goes to Heaven. WooHoo! Then you continue on your pilgrimage to take care of Lucifer. To be continued…

You can play through the game again unlocking the other upgrades, in my case Unholy. And you can do this in “Resurrection Mode” which keeps your current upgrades. Of course, you can raise your difficulty along the way. Once you beat the game a new game play unlocks called the “Gates of Hell” similar to that of Gears of War’s “Horde” and Halo’s “Firefight”.


1) The in game graphics were great. The detail and depth were very well done.

2) The cinematics were superior to anything I have ever seen before. Remember the “Animatrix” and the “Final Flight of the Osiris”? And how awesome and realistic that was? The cinematics in this game are BETTER! (But of course you would hope so after about seven years.) They were just phenomenal.

3) This game utilized 5.1 very well. When there was something going on behind you and to the right, that is the only place the audio was. This also assisted in finding damned people to absolve (or punish).

4) When you were having a conversation the background noise went down in volume so you could actually hear and follow the story. Because let me tell you, apparently it is noisy in hell.

Game Play:
5) The game play was well designed and the auto lock on was especially good for the cross attacks.

6) Although I did not play them the “Resurrection Mode” and “Gates of Hell” definitely add to the game play repeat factor.


Game Play:
1) The fact that you cannot control the camera annoyed me to an extent. The game controlled what you could see and when. I often could not even see who I was fighting with my cross attacks.

2) The controls, to me, were quite annoying. In fact, it made me die way too often. My biggest complaint was where the dash button was, your right joystick. There was way too many times when I thought out of instinct I was going to change the camera angle and I dashed right off the cliff.

3) When doing a combo, you cannot interrupt it. Therefore when you try to change your attack or block an oncoming attack, you cannot.

4) I honestly could have done with less screaming. I know it is torturous in hell and the developers were going for ‘authenticity’, but seriously?! C’mon. When Jerry has nightmares, that’s just bad.

5) The cut-scenes where two-dimensional looking comic stripish with some animation thrown in there from time to time. Something different I know, I know.

6) The fact that you cannot skip through Virgil’s speaking, the cut scenes, or cinematics is a draw back when you decide to play through more than once.

7) The largeness and appeal of the game seems to deteriorate the further you travel through Hell. The first part of the game was epic as far as graphics and battles were concerned. The longer I played the less enjoyable it became.

Even though there are “more” cons then pros it is still a game that can be enjoyable. There is plenty of play though opportunities; that being said if you plan on playing it through twice and the other game mode, I would rate this as a 3) Deep Sale. I will say I personally was disturbed at some points in the game. Especially from a religious stand point. A little too realistic which if you think about it, a little scary.

Thanks for Playin’!

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