Video Game Review: DmC Devil May Cry

This is the last past review being transferred over. Hopefully, soon, I can get back to playin’ and write new reviews.

dmc-devil-may-cry-5-box-art-cover-front-pcDeveloper(s): Ninja TheoryQLOC

Publisher(s): Capcom Platform(s): Microsoft

Windows (PC), Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Genre(s): 3rd person action-adventure hack & slash

Game Mode(s): Single-Player

Release Date: January 15, 2013

ESRB Rating: M – Mature


*WARNING* May contain spoilers. This was originally written on 11/09/2013, and minor changes have been made to the content and format. As a disclaimer this was my second Devil May Cry game out of the five available. I played the first one when it first came out all those years ago. I have purchased the HD remake of the trilogy, and have 4. I just have a huge backlog… My personal stats: Platform: PC via Steam on a GamePad Played: 11 hours (including DLC) Difficulty: Human (easy) Achievements: 24/58 41%

Quick Synopsis: This is a reboot of the Devil May Cry universe starring Dante. Dante is a young man living a party driven violent life. Dante knows he is not human, but also knows that he is not a demon like those that have tortured him for as long as he can remember. Dante is found by a demon hunter while asleep in his trailer. As a stranger is warning him of the incoming danger, he is dragged from the human world dimension into a demon controlled dimension called ‘Limbo’. Come to find out, the stranger is Kat, a human psychic medium who helps guide Dante to get out of Limbo. After which, Dante agrees to meet Kat’s boss. dmc-devil-may-cry-charactersKat and her boss, are a part of The Order, what the media calls, a terrorist group. Dante meets Vergil who convinces him to learn more about his past. Through this discovery portion of the story, you start to earn new powers and abilities. You find out you and Vergil are brothers and are Nephlims which is part Demon part Angel. Your father was the demon Sparda and your mother, an angel named Eva. This type of arrangement was forbidden due to the advantages Nephlims have over Demons and Angels. Eva was murdered and Sparda condemned to eternal torture. This discovery angers Dante, and he agrees to join his brother’s cause and bringing down the control of Mundus, the Demon King. From here, you begin to systematically attack Mundus’ control. You attack the Virility Plant that creates a spiked energy drink to have control over humans and the globally shown Raptor News Network for its demonic propaganda. After systematically taking these targets down, they target Mundus’ mistress and then Mundus himself. All in between you are fighting different demons with different attack styles, strengths, and weaknesses. Once you defeat Mundus, there is one final battle which definitely leaves this game open for a sequel. Plus, the epilogue ‘Virgil’s Downfall’, which has a good story along with it. I just don’t want to give a way that part of the story. So many weapons… dmc_dante_s_weapons_pack_xnalara_by_sumirehaikuxna-d5tc5u8Human mode Weapons

  • Rebellion – a sword, given as a memento to Dante by his father Sparda. (Yes technically not human.)
  • Ebony & Ivory – high caliber pistols capable of maintaining high rates of fire against a single target.

Demon mode Weapons

  • Arbiter – An axe that trades speed for power.
  • Eryx – A powerful set of gauntlets faster than Arbiter.

Angel mode Weapons

  • Osiris – A fast, less powerful (in comparison to the Arbiter), crowd clearing, fun scythe.
  • Aquila – My favorite weapon, a pair of large shuriken like ranged weapons.


  • Revenant – A powerful shotgun, useful for clearing crowds of enemies, and dealing high damage at close range. Unlock the fireworks show as soon as you can. It is a ton of fun.
  • Kablooey – A firearm that fires explosive needles. These needles stick into enemies, and must be manually detonated. Multiple shots can be fired before detonating. The more shots, the more fun!

Pros: DMC Limbo
1) moving from the regular world into Limbo is an incredible sight to see. I absolutely love the way Limbo is created to look.
Audio: 2) The main cast is an incredible set of voice actors that are able to match up their emotions with the characters on screen. Tim Phillipps as Dante. David de Lautour as Virgil. Sage Mears as Kat.
3) The sound effects of Limbo and the Demons, to me, pull you in and adds some intensity to the game play.
Game Play: 4) Throughout the story, you see the characters evolve and build a relationship with each other. I rather enjoyed seeing Dante grow from a party goer just trying to stay alive to an individual that was sacrificing to save and free mankind.
5) Switching from human to demon to angel mode is seamless using a game pad. It makes for awesome game play with countless fight combinations & possibilities. A fun way to rack up those style points.
6) Even playing on the Human difficulty presented challenges for me. I was able to enjoy the story, and maybe mess around a little more, but it was not so easy that I become bored and complacent about fighting.
7) Getting to play as Virgil in the DLC is exciting. The controls are the same, but their styles of fighting are different. I tend to like fighting with the katana…and I also like the color blue.

Audio: 1) I pretty much bring this up in every game that I run into with this. I want to control the level of the music, sound effects, and dialogue all separately. Please don’t put dialogue within anything else. There were too many instances where I had to move my eyes to the caption during a boss fight.
Game Play: 2) Honestly, I wish there was more story. Although I spent 9 hours playing the main game (yes I take a while), I wanted more.
3) It is not really a con, but a purposeful added challenge. Certain characters have to be attacked via the angel mode or the demon mode. Just to the point earlier in pros, it takes the quick switches between modes not possible, as you have to concentrate on that mode. Real challenge comes when you have two demons at the same time with one’s weakness being angel mode and the other’s being demon mode. Again, not really a con.
4) Boss battles have a pattern. Find it. Repeat. Or Die.

Conclusion: 4 dollar signsOn a 1 (worse) through 5 (best) scale, I would rate this a 4) Buy On Sale. Even though I personally waited longer, just due to backlog, if and when they do a sequel, I will buy it fairly early on. I had a blast playing this, and I am looking forward to playing through the first four. With the step up with difficulties after your standard set of E/M/H, the replay ability sounds fun and challenging. Son of Sparda – Enemies get tougher, attack waves are remixed. Dante Must Die – Contains the strongest enemies and insane attack waves. Heaven or Hell – The remixed mode, but everyone and everything, including Dante, dies after one hit. Hell and Hell – The same Heaven or Hell, but only Dante dies after one hit. GO OUT AND PLAY IT!

Thanks for Playin’!

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