Video Game Review: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

FC3_Blood_Dragon_CoverGame:  Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

Developer(s):  Ubisoft Montreal; Ubisoft Shanghai

Publisher(s):  Ubisoft

Platform(s):  Microsoft Windows (PC), Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Genre(s):  First-person shooter, action-adventure

Game Mode(s):  Single-Player

Release Date:  April 30, 2013

ESRB Rating: Mature; Blood, Partial Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language, Violence

“An 80s VHS vision of the future where your goal is to get the girl, kill the bad guys, and save the world.”

My personal stats:

I played on a PC with a gamepad. Due to my backlog, I played on easy and for the most part stuck to the main missions. But I really must suck at video games, I still spend about 9 hours on the game. I earned 9 out of 19 achievements, the ones remaining are the side mission ones.

Quick Synopsis:

Far-Cry-3-Blood-DragonThe setting: The future, if it was from the perspective of an old, worn out 1980s VHS tape. You are in a post nuclear war in the year 2007. You play as an American cybernetic (part human, part machine) super-soldier, Sgt. Rex Power Colt who bleeds Red, White, and Blue for his country. You and your partner, Spider, travel to an undisclosed island to search for a rouge, elite soldier, who also happen to be your former commanding officer, Colonel Sloan. Your mission: to overthrow Sloan’s plan to revert the world to a prehistoric-like state with his rockets, armed with the blood of the “blood dragons” that just so happen to roam the island.

Initial Thoughts:  

I had just finished Far Cry 3 and had some friends tell me about this game. It is a stand-alone expansion. In typical Jerry fashion, I purchased it and it sat there. I enjoyed Far Cry 3, so I assumed I would enjoy this. But honestly, I was not expecting this. It is a first-person open world shooter, just like Far Cry 3; however, it seems to be a parody of not only Far Cry but honestly any video game and/or 80s action movie.

Game Play:

1) Being that this is a stand-alone expansion of Far Cry 3 there are some similarities in game play. Not that I am an expert, but it seems that it is a reskin of said game with similar mechanics and actions. So I was already familiar with how it worked. I typically always started out with stealth until I messed up and turned it into a fire fight. You still have main missions that are more linear, but you are in an open world and can choose to do other things. Then the differences came in to play. The weapons, your character’s abilities, and so forth.
2) As side from the main story, you have side missions. These help in upgrading your weaponary.
468px-Collectibles3) You also have collectibles that assist with upgrades. Honestly, I was more interested in how Rex was going to make fun of the collectibles.
4) Changing the difficulty and the side missions definitely give this game a replay-ability factor. I would not be surprised if I picked up this game again to play.

Cons: 5) Honestly, the only con is that I want more. I hope the make one similar from Far Cry 4.

Rating: SBB 5.0 Rating



468px-WeaponsMAIN1) For what the intent of this game is, the graphics are perfect. The low rez movie story board cut scenes fit the tone perfectly.


far-cry-3-blood-dragon2) The neon setting makes you feel right at home…in the 80s.





Rating: SBB 5.0 Rating


1) The dialogue…oh the dialogue. So another host in SBB, Ian, does funny commentary over his Twitch streams. There is no need for that here. There are so many awesome (by awesome I mean nostalgically corny) one liners, that the game does it for you. Even when you are not even speaking directly with someone. Rex will just say things that cracked me up.
2) Michael Biehn does a fantastic job as Rex. It is like he was made for this role; he was in 80s movies such as The Terminator, Aliens, and The Abyss.
3) The music. To me, it is like if Daft Punk was in the 80’s with a midi machine and a synthesizer. It totally matched the scene perfectly.
4) The folly sounds fit perfectly. Especially the squishy kind.

Rating: SBB 5.0 Rating


Even if you are not a child of the 80s you are still going to have fun with this parody game. It is the best value for the price point it is at. I love the game even more now that I have played it and I am looking forward to going back in. To me, the dialogue was the best thing about this game.

Averaged Rating: SBB 5.0 Rating
Overall Rating (may differ from average):  SBB 5.0 Rating

Disclaimer: This review does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Super Barley Bros as a whole.

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