Video Game Review: Terminator Salvation

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Terminator-Salvation_FINAL_360_2DDeveloper(s): Grin

Publisher(s): Equity Games; Evolved Games

Platform(s): PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Genre(s): 3rd Person Shooter

US Release Date:  May 19, 2009

Rating: T-Teen


JD Shep’s Game Fly Rental Review Summer Extravaganza #1 was originally posted as a Facebook note on 05/22/2010. Minor changes were made to the content and formatting.

First on the list from Game Fly was “Terminator Salvation” for the Xbox 360.

Quick Synopsis:
Terminator-Salvation-game playTerminator Salvation” is a 3rd person cover shooter. This game was launched at the same time the movie was launched. The movie was a pretty good with great visuals and good action. The video game was not like that. The voice actor for John Connor was nothing like The Dark Knight…I mean Christian Bale. The story line seems to take place before the actual movie timeline.

My personal stats:
I played this game on the Easy difficulty to just get through the game. There is the possibility of 11 Achievements based on finishing each chapter and there are two based on difficulty. The other nine could be done on any difficulty. This is why I played on Easy.


Game Play:
1) I got the achievements pretty quick and easy.


1) In game and cut scene Graphics reminded me of Xbox Original 1st generation graphics. I mean the CGI done in the first “Terminator” movie were better.

2) Dialogue was horrible.

Game Play:
3) I got the achievements pretty quick and easy.

4) Campaign game play was short. I finished the game in a few hours spread over a Thursday night and a Friday evening.

5) There is nothing to do after the solo campaign except for CoOp campaign.

6) Ally AI was terrible. There are certain enemies that need to be killed from the side or from behind. The AI never tried to flank, so you as the gamer would. But then the AI would stop shooting at the enemy, so when you tried to make your move the enemy came at you. It was a vicious cycle.

7) It took me a while to get the sensitivity set correctly for the aiming since the default was no good. They did not even use all the buttons for the controller and there was no sprint.

8) Did I mention the graphics sucked?

This was a waste of my time and effort. This is why you would want to do the 2 game with GameFly, so when you are done with crap and sending it back you have something new to play in the meantime. Then finish that when the new one comes in, and so on and so forth.

On a 1 (worse) through 5 (best) scale, “Terminator Salvation” is a (1) Clay Pigeon Substitute. I hope no one bought this at retail price of $59.99. Other reputable entities they do reviews stated it was between a 4 and a 6 on a 10 rating scale. I don’t know what they were thinking. This was not a good way to start my GameFly renting experience.

Thanks for playin’

5) Buy New ($60)
4) Buy Gently Used ($30-$60)
3) Buy Used (below $30)
2) Rent
1) Clay Pigeon Substitute

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