Sasquatch and the Wundermelon (Beer Review)

Here is a quick review of 2 local brews for your enjoyment from 903 Brewers in Sherman and Armadillo Ale Works in Denton.

Wundermelon - Watermelon brewed Kolsch made by local brewery Armadillo Ale Works out of Denton.


Pours a beautiful golden color, white head with a slight aroma of watermelon off the bat.

First taste is smooth, fruity with very little bitterness or hops. Dry on the finish with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Overall a pretty solid brew that makes drinking in the heat of Texas summers a bit easier!

ABV – 5%

Sasquatch - Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout brewed by 903 in Sherman, Texas.


Pours a very beautiful dark color with a thick tan head that stays around. Notes of chocolate and malt on the nose.

Tastes of milk chocolate and cereal, reminds me a bit of Coco Puffs with a hint of hidden alcohol. (New adult breakfast cereal?!)

Overall a great beer from 903 brewery that is worth every penny and worth sharing with friends.

ABV – 10.07%


Armadillo Ale Works

903 Brewers

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