Happy 1 Year Anniversary (part 2): The SBB Show’s podcast 17

Episode 17 siteHappy Anniversary! It has been a whole year since the Super Barley Bros movement began, and boy have we grown. There is a lot going on in this three part series. Episode 17 is where we discuss the news and where SBB has been and where we are going. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Video & Audio


News (0:57 – 33:56)

Frisco getting a video game museum. Fl1p telling Fox to go play the Deadpool game. “Minecraft is this generations’ Mario.” We get violent with ice cream. Beer shows we should watch. Scott teases a review of the new Lakewood French Quarter Tempress review. The Rock will be in the DC Universe. Ian enters rage mode.

Discussions (33:56 – 57:03)

It has been a whole year since the four of us kicked this off. We go down memory lane to see what got us to this point, and where we are heading.

  • ‘Clan’ G33k5 was a Facebook group. – Scott, John, Jerry, Ian, Shawn
  • G33k5Review on YouTube- Scott and John [not mentioned on the show]
  • MAG (Middle-Age Gamers) on YouTube – Scott and John
  • New Facebook group, open to friends: OMG (Old Men Gamers).
  • MAG added 2 new members, added beer, changed name to Super Barley Bros!
  • OMG Facebook group transformed into Super Barley Bros group.
  • SBB was doing discussions on games and craft beers.
  • SBB started podcasts in Sept 2013.
  • We were only on iTunes & Podbean.
  • Then we added a YouTube channel for podcast and gameplay.
  • We partnered with ConFreaks and Geeks.
  • We created a free wordpress site.
  • SBB added written reviews.
  • We added video/audio reviews.
  • Then we forked up some money and created our own website.
  • We added podcast only rss feed.
  • We added news.
  • Once the site was good we removed Podbean due to money.
  • Then we added zune, tunein, sticher, talkshoe, podfeed.net.
  • And here we are.

Blasts from the past Middle Aged Gamers (MAG)  & G33k5Review playlists are up.

Part 3 will be coming out you soon, so stick around.

Thanks for playin’!


  • Jerry – A/V Engineer, Webmaster, player
  • Scott – Playstation Expert, player
  • Ian – Xbox Expert, player
  • John – Brew Expert, player



  • Obsidian Talon – Writer
  • Mizat – High Priest of Arcane Technological Arts



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