SBB Video Podcast Drinking Game

Cynthia, a fan of the show and member of the Facebook group decided to make a drinking game especially for us. This is pretty cool, and should be a ton of fun. Thanks Cynthia!

Super Barley Bros Podcast Drinking Game

(have fun you crazies)


[Light Weight Class]

Take a drink when:

  • Music plays.
  • Anyone takes a drink.
  • Someone’s talking but the camera focuses on someone else. (Go home Google hangout, you’re drunk.)
  • Anyone goes off on a tangent.

Take two drinks if there’s a special guest on the podcast.

[Heavy Weight Class]

Use all rules above, plus the following:

  • Finish off your drink and pour another one the first time anybody refills their glass. (you need to catch up, slacker)
  • Take a drink when anyone says:
    • Nice.
    • Fanboy.
    • A pun.

Take two drinks if someone on the podcast is drinking a beer you’ve had before.

Take a drink when Ian:

  • Mentions Metroid. (Take two if he’s showing off Metroid merchandise.)
  • Uses a different accent (or changes his voice, whatever)
  • Starts an argument with Scott.

Take a drink when Jerry:

  • Talks about the website.
  • Plays a sound effect.

Take a drink when John:

  • Reminds the group to get back on track. (Take two if they just ignore this advice.)
  • Says ‘Amen’.

Take a drink when Scott:

  • Tells a spoiler. (Take two if he does this after someone in the group has specifically told him not to do it.)
  • Mentions the BEST THING.
  • Starts an argument with Ian.

[HARDCORE MODE!!] *could be dangerous

  • Take a drink when anyone laughs.
  • Take two drinks if they’re laughing at something they said/did.

Bottoms up and thanks for playin’!

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