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SBB’s Social Media:

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The Facebook group is more of a discussion forum for video games, movies, craft beer, and the like. Where not only we participate, but members as well.
The Facebook page is more along the lines of ‘official’ communication from us.

Individuals’ Social Media:


Ian: @Fiend75002
Jerry: @JD_Shep
John: @Ph03nix42
Scott: @Fl1p42

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Ian: Fiend75002 Participate in the drinking game.
Jerry: JD_Shep
John: Ph03nix42
Scott: Fl1p42
What if all four of us are playing at the same time?! Go to MultiView.


Ian: Fiend75002
Jerry: JD_Shep
John: Ph03nix42
Scott: Fl1p42